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Complete Set of Vaginal Weights in 6 Progressive Weights.


Easy to use while showering or doing chores

Track your progress with 6 weight sizes

Learn all you need to know: training videos included

Doctor-designed and FDA-cleared for your peace of mind


These Intimate Rose Vaginal Weights range in size from 25g to 125g, they are silicone covered and soft to touch (always use a water based lubricant with them to keep them soft). The weights get darker in colour as the weight progresses.


Vaginal weights can be a fabulous way of strengthening the pelvic floor gradually. Instructions will be included in your purchase. They work well for post partum strengthening, strengthening for early prolaspe or bladder leakage. They can also be used effectively for improving proprioceptive awareness for sport and weight training.


Always seek a pelvic floor assessment first if you are unsure.


*Please do not use vaginal weights if :-


  • You are menstrating
  • You have pelvic pain - please see a health professional first
  • You have a vaginal infection which is untreated
  • You have a prolapse which is close to, or outside the vaginal entrance



If your pelvic floor muscles are too weak you may struggle to hold the weights in place, in this case it may be helpful to seek advice from a pelvic physiotherapist.


Intimate Rose Kegel Exercise Weights

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