• Tubigrip can help support your abdomen during pregnancy and in the early weeks postpartum, reducing strain on your muscles and ligaments. It may help reduce back or pelvic pain
  • Size L is usually recommended in pregnancy, especially the last trimester. Double layer it for postnatal use.
  • Size K can be more supportive for pregnancy, in women size 10 and smaller, and also can be used postnatally
  • Please contact me for advice on sizing
  • During Pregnancy layer the Tubigrip so you have 1-2 layers above your belly button, and 2-3 layers below your belly button
  • Tubigrip will give you support whilst you are standing and walking, but you must remove it to sleep
  • It is unusual to have an allergy to Tubigrip, however the Tubigrip does contain some latex. If you do develop a rash or itching under the Tubigrip, try wearing it over a layer of clothing or discontinue use.
  • Tubigrip can be machine washed, but do not tumble dry

Payment by credit card is not currently available.  Please contact Nicol if you would like to purchase at positivelypelvicnz@gmail.com

Pregnancy Tubigrip Size L

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